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Relaxation Massages


Relaxation Massages, Sports, Lymphatic, Relax, Swedish, Basalt Stones, Tantric, Marrakesh Oil, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage , Reiki, Bamboo , Modeling...

Massage is the practice of rubbing and kneading the body using the hands, applying local pressure gently or strongly, in order to relieve pain and tension in the muscles and joints of the body.

"Tantra is not sex! Seen from the outside, it can seem... lived from the inside: it transforms, it is divine, it is the meeting of beings. Tantra opens the heart..."

In this Massages center we offer you a wide range of relaxing and sensual massages aimed at the profile and needs of each client so that you can have a truly unforgettable experience, all in a calm and air-conditioned environment.

Come sharpen your senses and let yourself be carried away by the hands and delicate body of our masseuses who know every point of your body and will thus transport you to another dimension with magical touches in an intense game of seduction.

There is no sex, but there is double the pleasure in a journey of new sensations.

Enjoy true sinless pleasure.

Please do not contact us if your purpose is not massage. If that is not your intention, there will certainly be places suitable for your needs.



Relax with a good massage, let's face it, everyone likes it! We are talking about something very good to relieve the stress of the day with the right types of massages, keeping your mind and body healthy.

Imagine yourself taking a vacation, relaxing, near a beautiful beach, after a great night's sleep in a soft, cozy bed, getting up a little later, having a delicious coffee and going for that massage to relieve the tension. Yes, this is possible!

And to make you even more in the mood, we'll show you the best types of massages to help you relax on your next trip. Check out!

1 - Anti-stress

If you are a very stressed person in everyday life and are always under pressure, this is one of the types of massage you need. With gliding and kneading, this massage stimulates the release of oxytocin and other anti-stress hormones. It is a lighter massage to prevent you from having pain in your body.

2 – Ayurvedic or Ayurveda

This massage comes from ancient healing medicine that has been around for over 7,000 years; is one of the types of Indian massage. She opens up blocked energy channels, using lots of stretches to relieve pain and tension.

3 – Reflexology

It is very common for people to feel pain in their feet, because they support the body and end up being harmed sometimes. Reflexology puts pressure on your hands or feet and balances your body's energy. Each point on your foot has a corresponding organ.

4 – Lymphatic Drainage

This massage makes use of smoother movements on your skin, helping blood circulation and also eliminates liquids retained in the body. Generally, the techniques used in classic types of massage are also used in lymphatic drainage; it is also usually smooth.

5 – Thai

Thai massage is derived from yoga stretches; you can see this because the patient is placed in various yoga positions and is done on the floor, without oils, but with comfortable clothes. This massage is more energetic than physical and uses body maneuvers with pressure, giving flexibility to your muscles and joints.

6 – Hot stones

This is one of the types of massage most dreamed of by many people, because it involves using hot stones and essential oils to relax your muscle tensions. This massage balances your central nervous system and still eliminates your stress and fatigue.

7 – Shiatsu

One of the best known types of massage, oriental discipline that combines the pressure of the thumbs, palms and elbows in channels that flow energy. Certainly, you need to experiment.

8 – Reiki

Proven technique to relieve many pains, with the laying on of hands and transmission of energy in specific places in your body, which improves the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects. Furthermore, it helps positively in any medical treatment.

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